6U CompactPCI Event Receiver (cPCI-EVRTG-300)

Picture of cPCI-EVRTG-300

Main features:

  • 6U 32-bit/33/66 MHz CompactPCI board, +3.3V and +5V VIO operation
  • bit rate 1.0 to 2.5 Gbps, event clock rate 50 MHz to 125
  • two front panel LVPECL outputs
  • two universal I/O slots for four hardware outputs
  • two front panel SFP outputs to drive GUN-RC-203 or GUN-RC-300
  • All outputs provide
    • low jitter
    • fine tuning down to ~10 ps steps
  • This module does replace
    • VME-EVR-RF + GUN-TX Electron Gun Transmitter
    • VME-EVR-RF + 4CHTIM Four Channel Timer

Electron Gun Receiver GUN-RC-300

Picture of GUN-RC-300
Front side of GUN-RC-300
Picture of GUN-RC-300
Back side of GUN-RC-300