CompactPCI Event Generator (cPCI-EVG-220/cPCI-EVG-230)

The CompactPCI Event Generator is a lower cost alternative for the VME Event Generator.

Picture of PXI-EVG-220

Main features:

  • 3U 32-bit/33 MHz CompactPCI board, +3.3V and +5V VIO operation
  • front panel RF input and programmable divider /1, /2, /3, ..., /12, /14, ..., /20 to generate event clock
  • bit rate 1.0 Gbps to 2.0 Gbps (2.5 Gpbs on cPCI-EVG-230), event clock rate 50 MHz to 100 MHz (125 MHz on -230)
  • front panel mains synchronization TTL input (ACIN)
  • two universal I/O slots for four hardware inputs
  • optional side-by-side module for three additional universal I/O slots and more inputs