mTCA.4 Event Receiver (mTCA-EVR-300RF)

The mTCA-EVR-300RF is an Event Receiver for the mTCA.4 platform with two Universal I/O slots in the front panel and GTX driven outputs.

mTCA-EVR-300RF Event Receiver
mTCA.4 Event Receiver mTCA-EVR-300RF

Main features:

  • bit rate 1.0 to 3.33 Gbps, event clock rate 50 MHz to 166.6 MHz
  • two front panel TTL inputs
  • two Universal I/O slots, one slot driver by GTX logic
  • one SFP slot to connect to GUN-RC-300, driven by GTX logic
  • two differential CML outputs driven by GTX logic
  • rear I/O
  • mTCA.4 backplane I/O through differential trigger bus
  • capability to drive TCLKA/TCLKB through GTX logic