The cPCI-EVRTG-300 combines a low jitter Event Receiver and an Electron Gun Trigger Transmitter.

The EVRTG has altogether eight outputs: four on two Universal I/O Modules, two differential LVPECL outputs and two SFP outputs. All output signals are produced with Virtex 5 GTX serializers, so that pulses, frequencies and bit streams with a resolution 1/40th of the event clock cycle period can be achieved, that is, 200 ps with an event clock of 125 MHz. In addition to this each output has a programmable delay line with 1024 adjustable steps of ~10 ps.

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Two new 6U CompactPCI products are released: the cPCI-EVG-300 and the cPCI-EVR-300.

VME Series 230

Our latest series of VME based timing modules is called Series 230. This new series will replace previous series 200 boards. The new boards maintain the functionality of the old modules and provide more functionality including:

  • Standard VME support (VME64x crate not required)
  • New Universal I/O configurable front panel connections

The RF input circuit of the VME-EVG-230 has been redesigned and now allows RF dividers of /1, /2, /3, ..., /12, /14, ..., /32.

The Event Receiver is available in two versions with VME-EVR-230 providing eight front panel TTL level outputs and two Universal I/O slots for additional four outputs. The VME-EVR-230RF has four front panel TTL level outputs and two Universal I/O slots. In addition to this there are three pattern programmable differential CML outputs which allow timing resolution down to 400 ps.