The cPCI-EVRTG-300 combines a low jitter Event Receiver and an Electron Gun Trigger Transmitter.

The EVRTG has altogether eight outputs: four on two Universal I/O Modules, two differential LVPECL outputs and two SFP outputs. All output signals are produced with Virtex 5 GTX serializers, so that pulses, frequencies and bit streams with a resolution 1/40th of the event clock cycle period can be achieved, that is, 200 ps with an event clock of 125 MHz. In addition to this each output has a programmable delay line with 1024 adjustable steps of ~10 ps.


An optical SFP output can be used to interface to an Electron Gun Trigger Receiver. The GUN-RC-300 is designed to operate with an event clock of ~500 MHz. It can generate pulse triggers or bunch trains with 2 ns resolution.

The GUN-RC-300 receiver is enclosed in a 3U high and 10HP wide HF plug-in unit.