Universal I/O LVPECL Output Module with Delay Tuning

Picture of UNIV-LVPECL-DLY moduleThe UNIV-LVPECL-DLY Universal I/O module provides two LVPECL level outputs with fine tunable delays with a range of approximately 10 ns range and 10 ps resolution.

Specification are following:

parameter value    
connector type LEMO EPG.00.302.NLN
  min. typ. max.
VOH (Note 1) 2155 mV 2280 mV 2405 mV
VOL (Note 1) 1355 mV 1480 mV 1605 mV

Note 1: Outputs have pull-down resistors of 130R to ground.

This module cannot be used on the VME-UNIV-TB64x and slots UNIV0 through UNIV7 on the cPCI-EVR-300.