Universal I/O Module Installation Instructions


CAUTION! Both the carrier board and the Universal I/O module are electrostatic sensitive devices. Please observe precautions for handling. Wear an anti-static strap and use a flat anti-static surface when installing an Universal I/O module.


1. Set the carrier board on a flat anti-static surface with the component side facing upward.
2. Remove the Universal I/O cover from front panel.
3. Insert the Universal I/O module connectors into the front panel cutout for the Universal I/O module with the component side of the Universal I/O module facing the carrier board.
4. Align the socket with the 2x10 pin header on the carrier board and gently press down on the rear of the Universal I/O module.
5. Insert front panel cover with cutouts for the Universal I/O modules connectors. Adjust the mating height of the socket and 2x10 pin header for proper alignment of the connectors in the front panel.
6. Fasten the Universal I/O module by installing the supplied screw through the bottom side of the carrier board.