VME Timing System Products represent the leading edge of our product category providing the best timing resolution and stability. The current VME/VME64x series of timing system boards is the series 230. This series includes the following boards:

The VME-EVR-230RF version provides higher timing accuracy and lower jitter than the VME-EVR-230. In addition to this the RF version supports three special differential CML outputs which allow adjusting pulse delay and width in 1/20th event clock steps e.g. with an event clock of 125 MHz the step size for CML outputs is 400 ps. The CML outputs are capabale of generating clock signals up to ten times the event clock.

All of the above boards may be used in standard VME and VME64x crates.

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VME Event Generator (VME-EVG-230) Written by Jukka Pietarinen 3977
VME Event Receiver w/o RF (VME-EVR-230) Written by Jukka Pietarinen 3384
VME Event Receiver RF (VME-EVR-230RF) Written by Jukka Pietarinen 3234
VME Universal I/O Transition Board (VME-UNIV-TB) Written by Jukka Pietarinen 4914
VME Optical Fan-Out Written by Jukka Pietarinen 3373