The Timing System provides a complete timing distribution system including timing signal generation with only a few components. Throughout the design of the Event System especially requirements of synchrotron light sources were taken into consideration, however, the system may be applied also to other facilities.

Usually timing events are synchronized to a master clock reference e.g. the main acceleration frequency. Synchronization to the mains voltage phase is required, too, to keep the beam intensity and quality on the same level on consecutive triggers.

The Event System is capable of generating and distributing ring revolution frequencies, trigger signals and sequences of events, etc. synchronous to an externally provided master clock reference and mains voltage phase signal. Support for timestamps makes the system a global timebase and allows attaching timestamps to collected data and performed actions.

Timing System components are available in VME form factor supporting standard VME and VME64x with hot-swap capability. Event Receivers are available in PCI mezzanine card (PMC) form factor.

CompactPCI/PXI versions of both the Event Generator and Event Receiver are in development.

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